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Engage Us

Free Theatre is excited to open this next chapter in our practice. Starting in February 2024, we welcome engagement online, in the workshop space, in community venues and on stage. 

How to Engage?

  • Purchase the Dialogue Theatre Module 

  • Commission a Dialogue Theatre or Digital Dialogue work

  • Book a Dialogue Theatre training or tailored workshop 

Dialogue Theatre Module

The Dialogue Theatre module offers a comprehensive training in the technique, enabling practitioners to devise Dialogue Theatre works. It is available for purchase as the full module or by series or even by exercise. The Module also covers the foundations of Dialogue Theatre, the preparations for a safe process, and the various ways the method can be adapted to different applications.


The Module will be available for purchase in early 2024. Stay tuned for pre-purchase offers.


Free Theatre is available for Dialogue Theatre commissions - in 2 forms: Dialogue Theatre or Digital Dialogue running from a minimum of 4 days up to 3 months.


Dialogue Theatre commissions are for localised performances with identified audiences. Digital Dialogue commissions are suited to online the production of an online film resource for wide distribution and digital dialogue processes. 

Commissions should be designed to address a conflict or divisive issue through dialogue and should involve a participant group of actors or non-actors and identified audiences, whether communities, workplaces or the general public.   


Free Theatre offers a Train the Trainer workshop over 4 days, facilitating the full Dialogue Theatre module. Shorter 2 day or half-day Dialogue Theatre workshops are also available. 

Free Theatre has an extensive toolkit of drama and applied theatre games which can be run as half, full, or 2 day processes and tailored to suit. Other tailored workshops available are Acting for Non-Actors and the Art of Peace.

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