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Free Theatre is interesting in collaborating with diverse organisations on workshops, dialogue theatre projects, training, and new ideas for collaboration. We are always happy to welcome visitors to our office at Siteworks for a conversation and a sharing of ideas. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Our Blog

Our Blogs seek to share the stories behind our projects - the philosophies, the lived experiences, the stories, the and the our experiences. 

Over the coming weeks, we look forward to bringing you writing about:

  • the two-decade long journey that is culminating in the final Makhampom Study Tour in 2020;

  • the confluence of circumstances that brought Free Theatre into the Siteworks community and the evolution of this relationship within the creative methodology behind the space;

  • South Sudan Voice, the dialogue theatre project that has defined Free Theatre's practice in Melbourne;

Publications & Presentations

Richard will be a presenter on the panel, "Arts- and sports-based spaces for exploring conflict and disempowerment in development contexts" at the Development Studies Association of Australia (DSAA) inaugural conference at Deakin University, 5-7 February 2020.


The conference paper, “Dialogue Theatre: Makhampom’s Negotiation of Thailand’s State of Repression”, is currently being published in the Chinese language publication of the Workshop on People's Theatre in Inter-Asian Societies, Taiwan, 2018 

The chapter “Putting Dialogue in Context: Negotiating Contextual Influence in applying Dialogue Theatre” will be in the Companion to Applied Performance, UK 2019

“Journeying decolonial praxis through dialogue theatre methodology: Unpacking liberation using critical dialogical approaches” (with Siew Fang Law, Malual Deng, Diego Cifuentes) is being published in Decolonial Enactments in Community Psychology, University of Capetown, South Africa 2018 

The chapter “A Transformative Theatre of Dialogue: The Makhampom Theatre Group’s Negotiation of Thailand’s Likay (Theatre) State” is in Performing Southeast Asia: Performance, Politics and the Contemporary 2018-19