Current Projects

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The Family Dialogue

The South Sudan Voice project has been funded to deliver a Dialogue Theatre production addressing family violence issues. The Family Dialogue introduces new cast members, Ajak Kwai and Gabriela Georges, joining Malual Deng, Deng Deng and Richard Barber, with Pongjit Saphakhun directing a adapted scenario that explores difficult conversations about family violence issues, with an emphasis on community agency in addressing gender, inter-generational, and systemic factors, mediated through actor-audience dialogue.

A public showing of The Family Dialogue was held at Siteworks on Monday, November 25 from 4-5.30pm


South Sudan Voice

South Sudan Voice began as a conversation between Malual Deng and his conflict resolution lecturer, Dr Siew Fang Law, and then sessional lecturer, Richard Barber, at Victoria University in 2017. A pilot Dialogue Theatre project facilitated by Pongjit and Richard has led to a 3-year performance program involving ensembles of community actors. The project has sought to promote South Sudanese community agency in addressing issues of justice, racism, inter-generational tensions and family violence through Dialogue Theatre performances in the West, South-East, and Inner Melbourne. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the project has transformed into the Digital Drama Series, Where Are You Now. 

Click here to participate in the Digital Drama Series.


Clearance by Cappuccino

Clearance by Cappuccino is a reference to the process of gentrification in today's Melbourne. Architects for Peace and Free Theatre are collaborating on this Dialogue Theatre work to address the affordable and public housing debate, prompted through the tales of 3 characters, struggling with notions of home.  

This project is current on hiatus due to health issues affecting one of the actors.