Our Work

"creating safe spaces for difficult conversations"

Dialogue Theatre

Dialogue Theatre projects involve a series of 4-6 workshops involving ensembles numbering three to seven actors or non-actors. The workshops apply a scaffolding devising approach with the following steps: scenario identification, character development, relationship exploration, transformation ideals, and dialogue improvisation. Dialogue Theatre performances typically engage invited or nominated audiences of 25-50 people, consisting of a 10-30 minute 'provocation' play and a 45-90 minute live dialogue between audience and character.  

Applied Theatre Toolkit

Free Theatre applies a toolkit of theatre workshop processes for actors and non-actors. Mapping, in the form of homeland, community, and personal maps, explores identity and lived experience through installation and sculpture using symbolic found and collected objects. Image Theatre is a tableu-based technique for problem solving, storyboarding, and group dialogue. These are part of a conflict transformation methodology referred to as the Art of Peace, also involving a collection of power, identity and group dynamic games as play-based reflexive tools.