Makhampom Art Space

The Makhampom Theatre Group is celebrating its 40th anniversary, having grown out of Thailand's pro-democracy movement of the 1970s, into one of Asia's leading theatre organisations. The group is a collective of theatre volunteers, trained in theatre performance and workshop facilitation, applying theatre in communities, schools, conflict areas. Makhampom's performance work embraces hybrid forms including likay, gestural theatre, circus, puppetry, mask, epic theatre and melodrama for audiences in Thailand and internationally, often in collaboration with Asian peoples theatre groups.

The Makhampom Art Space was developed by Pongjit and Richard in 2004, becoming the group's commitment to a community-based practice. Combining a social enterprise approach, a recycled aesthetic, and a community culture, the space in Chiang Dao in northern Thailand emerged as a site for training, exchange, performance, and festivals. A two-decade partnership with the stateless dara'ang Pang Daeng village and the Makhampom Study Tour program have shaped Makhampom's Chiang Dao practice. The 20th and final Study Tour will be held alongside 40 year anniversary events in 2020.