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The Makhampom Theatre Group is into its 5th decade of practice, having grown out of Thailand's pro-democracy movement of the 1970s, into one of Asia's leading theatre organisations. The group is a collective of creatives, trained in theatre performance and workshop facilitation, applying a diversity of arts-based programs in communities, schools, conflict areas, and for the general public. Makhampom has transformed into an umbrella organisation and facilitator for emerging artists and civil society, part of a new movement transforming Thai society.  

Makhampom Art Space

The Makhampom Art Space, started by Pongjit and Richard in 2004, was developed by Makhampom into a hub for a community-based practice and social enterprise model in Chiang Dao in northern Thailand. This saw two-decades working with the stateless dara'ang Pang Daeng village and the Makhampom Study Tour alongside trainings, exchanges, performances, and festivals. Post-Covid, the space has been regenerated as a public space for local creatives alongside its hosting and training role.  

The Makhampom Art Space is available to host in Thailand
retreats - workshops - residencies - events

The Makhampom Art Space has been opened up to the public and is available to host international visitors. The venues blend local open-air design with contemporary motifs, set amongst rice fields at the foot of Doi Luang mountain. Located outside Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, the space includes accommodation for up to 40, a multipurpose workshop space, a gallery, meeting spaces, a cafe, a kitchen, and lakes, gardens, and public art. 

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