Makhampom Reunion 2020

Makhampom's 40th anniversary is still hoping to be celebrated in 2020. Sadly, the 20th and final Study Tour has had to be postponed to mid-year 2021 due to the Coronavirus, and we are maintaining a 'wait and see' position regarding the Reunion. The Reunion is a celebratory event, marking the end of the Study Tour era and the opening of new chapters, and we would like it to be a mark of a shared struggle under the Coronavirus cloud. So, if this cloud is still hanging over us all by mid-year, we will postpone the Reunion to 2021. We want this program to take place in a safe environment, to bring together all of our international friends and family who have been part of this Makhampom journey and the unique and wonderful collaboration that is the Study Tour.

So stay tuned...and here is a reminder of the plans as they stand.


Thursday, October 1 - Monday, October 5, 2020

Makhampom Art Space, Chiang Dao

Thursday, October 1 - Welcome, Mapping a 40-year History, Big Group Workshop, Opening Performance - Pang Daeng youth circus
Friday, October 2 - Skills-Sharing Workshops/Storytelling Space/Sightseeing, Evening Performance - Kum (Pang Daeng) solo performance & Open Stage
Saturday, October 3 - Community Visits (Pang Daeng, Pateung Ngam), 
Sunday, October 4 - Skills-Sharing Workshops/Storytelling Space/Sightseeing, Evening Performance - Makhampom’s Likay (plus guests)
Monday, October 5 - Giant Sculpture, Forum - Reflections of the Study Tour, Ideas Space, Farewells

There will also be Digital presentations (shared presentations of practice in video clips or slideshows) and a Kids space (inspired by Children’s Day, activities, with volunteer kids wranglers)

March Update 

  • interest has been very strong, and we have been projecting a gathering of between 60 and 100 international friends, together with the generations of Makhampom;

  • we have started to collect and collate documentation and welcome any photos, video clips, text, notes, or other materials you are happy to share for the publication;

  • we will begin a call for contributions later this month;

  • we welcome stories of "life under the Coronavirus cloud" about the good, bad, and absurd experiences in your community to share here and on Facebook; 

  • at the very minimum, we suggest holding off on booking flights, especially if they cannot be rescheduled or refunded.

Who Is Interested in Coming?

Here is the list of some of those who have been reached through the various modes of contact and have expressed a hope, wish, or commitment to join us at the Reunion. in October. This will chop and change over the coming months, but we hope this gets the ball rolling.

  • Georgie Davill (with Pascoe)

  • Nicole Liebeskind (with daughter)

  • Jessica McKenzie

  • Alex Cheung

  • Jingyi Xu

  • Anita Brown

  • Ron Bieganski

  • Ben Rodwell

  • Jerry Boland

  • Dominic Bleije

  • Yoke Pin

  • Janet Pillai

  • Kevin Poynter

  • Matt Yoxall

  • Jonnie Newman (with 2 sons)

  • Nel Kentish & Tom Griffith (plus 2yo)

  • Lucy Harrison

  • SJ (Rachel)

  • Glen Murray

  • Alanna Maclean

  • Geoff Cresswell

  • Brooke Murray

  • Anna Cosper

  • Puskar Gurung

  • Elspeth Blunt

  • Miho Yoshimasu (plus son)

  • Nona Pereira

  • Wong Yunjie (Jacky)

  • Srey Leak Nov

  • Jordan Johnston

  • Mayumi Nomura (+ family)

  • Zoe Scrogings (+ Alize)

  • Heidi Annand

  • Richard Belar

  • Verushka