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Trainings & Workshops

Free Theatre can be engaged to facilitate a series of workshops and trainings. The Dialogue Theatre workshops can span a half-day Art of Dialogue process to a 2-day Introduction to Dialogue Theatre. A full Train the Trainer in Dialogue Theatre runs over 4 full days.  

Free Theatre also offers tailored workshops - the Games Toolkit, Acting for Non-Actors, and the Art of Peace. All workshops involve physical theatre techniques, improvisation, play and a culture of fun.

Dialogue Theatre Workshops 

1. The Art of Dialogue (half day)

A series of games and exercises, introducing the Dialogue Theatre approach, enabling participants to explore the way to approach difficult conversations through drama technique.

2. Introducing Dialogue Theatre (2 days)

A shortened Dialogue Theatre workshop, with a focus on the Conflict Series and Dialogue Series processes, and an improvised Dialogue Theatre performance. 

3. Train the Trainer (4 days)

Comprehensive training for actors, facilitators, and engaged practitioners, applying the full Dialogue Theatre module and including an in-house performance. 

Tailored Workshops 

1. Games Toolkit (half, full or 2 days)

A collection of theatre & process games in four categories (Immersion, Getting to Know you & Name Games, Energiser & Group Dynamic Games, Focus & Trust Games, Power & Identity Games) 

2. Acting for Non-Actors (half or full day)

An exploration of group-devised acting and storytelling through a series of acting games, image theatre, and physical theatre processes

3. Art of Peace - 1 day

A process drawing on conflict transformation approaches, including conflict mapping, collective histories, power & identity, and dialogue lines

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