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South Sudan Voice

Digital Drama Series

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, South Sudan Voice has transformed from a live dialogue theatre project into a digital drama series. The production, Where Are You Now, has been adapted into a 6-part series, to create online spaces for dialogue about family violence issues and the implications of the Covid-19 context. 

Episode 1 - The New Normal

In The New Normal, the stories of Leila, Tong, Majok, Georgia, and Steve under the cloud of Covid-19 are brought to life. As Leila remains in Hobart to be close to her sister, her son, Majok, stays in Melbourne with his Uncle Tong to continue his university study and support his uncle to take care of his 4 children. As Tong catches up online with his taxi-driver colleague Steve, Majok shares his frustrations with his friend Georgia. 

On May 7, Leila, Tong, Majok, Georgia, and Steve joined members of the public in a live Zoom dialogue discussing issues of life under Covid-19, mental health issues, and family relationship challenges.

 Watch the Dialogue and full Episode 1 - The New Normal below:

Coming Soon

Episode 2 - The Violence Trap

Episode 3 - Where Is He Now

Episode 4 - Calling on Culture

Episode 5 - Behave Like a Man

Episode 6 - Leila's Dilemma

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